Summer Camp Starts Soon!!!

Our Summer Camp themes will determine what activities we will be doing each week. We have so many “fun”tastic things planned.

Please bring the following items in your child’s bag everyday:

  • Complete change of clothes, socks, and shoes in a gallon sized Ziplock bag.
  • A nap mat, bath towel, and small blanket for nap (NO sheets or pillows please). If your child has a small stuffed animal or doll, they may bring it for naptime ONLY!
  • Supply of Pull-ups labeled with your child’s name (must be the ones that reattach on the sides).
  • Box of wipes (even if your child is potty trained), a container of Clorox wipes, and a can of Lysol.

Each child will have a hook to hang their bag on for the day and crafts will be put on shelf above their hook. All items brought to school should be labeled with your child’s name.

A few camp/room guidelines:

  1. Please do not send personal toys from home to camp.
  2. Sandals are NOT allowed. Please keep in mind that your child will be running and playing outside and they need safe shoes and socks for their protection.
  3. Dress your child in washable, comfortable play clothes. They will get dirty!
  4. Please dress your child in easily removable clothes to minimize diaper changing time, which will allow for more time to have fun. No overalls, onesies, or belts. Please send your child in elastic waist clothes.


  • payment for sessions 1-5 will be drafted May 4, 2018
  • children 3 years of age and older must be potty trained
  • no outside food is allowed in the school except for special events
  • children cannot be dropped off at camp after 9:30am
  • picking up your child during nap is strongly discouraged, and if you plan on picking up early on a regular basis please speak with the director before registering

We are going to have a great summer!