2019 Sunday School Information


Welcome to St. Michael’s Sunday School! We are excited to have your child participate.
Moderators: Andrea (Anie) Martinez, Alfonso Martinez, e-mail: agaraudy@gmail.com

Information for PARENTS:

  • Class is held every Sunday during the 10:30am service, and follows the St. Tammany Parish Schools holiday schedule. Our first class will be on August 18th.
  • Recommended class age is 3-12.
  • Class usually lasts about 45 minutes, and the children are reunited with their parents before communion.
  • Our lessons are guided by “Lessons That Work” from the Episcopal Church website, and generally follow the same readings parents will hear in Mass that same day.
  • Lessons may include games, crafts, and sometimes a short video based on the day’s Bible verse. On a nice day, we may even go for a walk around the labyrinth!
  • The older students will learn to find the readings in the Bible, and take turns reading to the class.
  • We usually have a snack during the lesson, so please notify us of any food allergies.
  • There is no cost for the class, and you are welcome to sit in at any time.
  • We will have a calendar posted on the classroom door with lesson info, holidays and special events.

Information for TEACHERS:

  • We are looking for a few parent volunteers to cover about 1 lesson a month, so that parents can participate in the service most days.
  • We are required to have 2 teachers per class, but this does not have to be both parents. We can always buddy you up with another volunteer!
  • There will be a calendar on the classroom door to sign up for lessons.
  • Each weekly lesson will be printed and placed in a blue folder ahead of time. We will try to do a mix of Old and New Testament. You can take this folder home as your lesson approaches.
  • Most lessons have some type of craft or coloring sheet. We have most craft supplies in the closet. And the school office can make copies of anything you need on the Sunday School account. If you do need to purchase anything, please give the receipt to Terri.
  • Snacks will be provided (in classroom closet), as well as drinking water. But you are welcome to bring a different snack, especially if it applies to the lesson (like King Cake for Epiphany!).
  • Every teacher is required to have a background check (no cost to you) and attend one Safeguarding Training Class to work with the children. This will be arranged by Terri Landry. (you cannot start teaching until this is done)
  • Thank you for your interest in our children’s religious education. We look forward to working with you!