2019 St. Michael’s Episcopal Preschool Grandparents’ Day

Dear Parents,

Please mark your calendars! St. Michael’s Episcopal Preschool Grandparents’ Day will be held Monday, March 18th through Wednesday, March 20th . The attendance for each day will be assigned so that we can provide for appropriate parking and seating. Invitation will go home today so if you require more than one invitation, please feel free to pick up extra invitations at the desk. We are asking our parents to please deliver the invitations to the grandparents involved.

This is a special day for grandparents only since we have limited seating. If there aren’t any grandparents available, your child may invite a relative, friend or neighbor to attend. A singing performance has been scheduled at school for 9:30am. Following the performance the grandparents will be sent to their grandchild’s classroom for a visit and refreshments.

Parents, if your child’s grandparents will be checking them out of school for the day, please make sure their name is on your child’s emergency card. Grandparents cannot return the children to school after they have checked them out.

Episcopal School Sunday will be held May 5th this year, and the children will perform the same songs they are learning for Grandparents’ Day. This is a great opportunity for the parents to see the Grandparents’ Day performance.

I am looking forward to meeting all the grandparents. Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.

Stacey G. Tavan
Head of School


Monday, March 18 Tuesday, March 19 Wednesday, March 20
2’s Little Frogs
2’s Barnyard Buddies 2’s Busy Bees 2’s Bird Buddies
3’s Little Monkeys 3’s Little Owls 3’s Noah’s Ark
PreK Zoo Crew 3’s Garden Friends 3’s Lion Cubs
PreK Friendship PreK Penguin Pals Prek Bayou Buddies

*If you have two children performing on separate days and would like for them to perform together please make arrangements with the teachers.